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Dr.Samuel Kumar Reddy

Overview of Dr.Samuel Kumar Reddy

Department: Pharmacology
Full Name: Dr.Samuel Kumar Reddy
Designation: Associate Professor
Degree & Additional Qualifications: M.B.B.S. and M.D.
Working at JJMMC Since: NA
Years of Experience Post PG : 11 years and 2 Months
List of Publications: 1. Prescription pattern of antimicrobials in Neonatal IntensiveCare Unit (NICU) of a Tertiary care hospital : Journal of Pharmacy Research 2012,5(6),3043-3046Dr. Suneel Kumar Reddy1, Dr. Jyothi C.H2, Dr. Santhosh R3, Dr. Shashikala G.H4*,Dr. Kiran L.J1, Dr. Rajani Patil 5
2. Effect of Fenugreek on Total Body and Organ Weights:A Study on Mice : Pharmacologyonline 3: 747-752 (2011)M Geetha, S K Reddy, M Krupanidhi, K SMuralikrishna, Navin Patil ,Prashanth P
3. A Anticonvulsant activity of gap-junctional blockercarbenoxolone in albino rats:International Journal of Basic & Clinical Pharmacology. 2014 Aug;3(4):711-717Suneel Kumar Reddy1, Navin A. Patil2*, Vinod Nayak3, Smita Shenoy2, Anoosha Bhandarkar4,Shankar M. Bakkannavar3, Rahul Kotian
4. A Prescription Pattern of The Drugs Among Pregnant Inpatients In Tertiary Care HospitalJournal of Pharmacy Research 2014,8(7),981-985Dr. Mohammed Omar Farooq1, Dr. Suneel Kumar Reddy2, Dr. Raghu Prasada M S*,Dr. Srujana Ambati Nagraj1, Dr. Samanvita Karupakula1, Dr. Deepthi K Natarajan1
5. Evaluation of anticonvulsant activity of ethanolic extract of Nymphaea alba Linn. (whitewater Lily) and its comparison with phenytoin sodium and sodium valproate in albino rats. BioMedRx 2013,1(2),135-139 Dr. Shankar A. S1, Dr. Suneel kumar reddy2, Dr. Raghuprasada M. S. 1, Dr. Ramachandra K. 1, Dr. Keerthi Sagar J. 1, Dr. Reshma S. R. 1
6. An observational study comparing effect of tramadol plus paracetamol versus diclofenacon blood pressure in patients of osteoarthritis and hypertension. Drug Invention Today 2014,6(1),72-76Dr. H.S. Somashekar1, Dr.Raghu prasada M.S2, Dr. Sharanabasayya B.Hiremath3,Dr.Shankar A.S4., Dr. Deepa patil5, Dr. Suneel Kumar Reddy6
7. Evaluation of anti-inflammatory activity of alcoholic extract of leaves of leucas aspera in albino rats .International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences 2014 Vol 6 suppl 2,715-719 . Navin Patil1*, Somashekar Hs2, Suneel Kumar Reddy2, Vinod Nayak, Narendranath S2,Kl Bairy1, Amrita Parida1,Chaithanya Malalur1, Rahul P Kotian
8. Evaluation Of Anticonvulsant Activity Of Magnesium Oxide Alone And Along With Carbamazepine .Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research Vol 5, Issue 2, 2012, 142-145Dr. Navin A Patil1*, Dr. H.S. Somashekar2, Dr. Narendranath.S3, Dr. Prashanth4, Dr. Suneel Kumar Reddy5, Dr. Anoosha Bhandarkar6
9. Evaluation of anxiolytic activity of incapsulated flax seed oil alone and as adjuvant in swiss albino mice. International Journal of Basic & Clinical Pharmacology. 2017 D Dec 6(12)2900- 4. Krishnagouda PAtil, Suneel Kumar Reddy, Rahul HD , Latha S, Santosh Kumar M
10. Flax seed oil alone and as and adjuvant with phenyuton in Maximal Electroshock induced siezures in albino rats: Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research Feb, 2108 Vol 11, Issue 2, 2012, 329-332. Rahul H Damodar, Suneel Kumar Reddy, Malvika Goyal, Pradeep B E