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Dr.Nagaraja Rao

Overview of Dr.Nagaraja Rao

Department: Psychiatry
Full Name: Dr.Nagaraja Rao
Designation: Professor
Degree & Additional Qualifications: MBBS, MD
Years of Experience: 41
List of Publications: 1. K. NAGARAJA RAO, JITTY GEORGE, SUDARSHAN C.Y & SHAMSHAD BEGUM. Treatment compliance and noncompliance in psychoses. Indian Journal of Psychiatry. 59(1), 2017.
2. K. NAGARAJA RAO, AND SUDARSHAN C.Y. Suicide due to sulfuric acid ingestion in a case of Major Depressive Disorder. Indian Journal of Psychiatry, 57(2) 2015.
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4. K. NAGARAJA RAO, RANGANATH KULKARNI & SHAMSHAD BEGUM (2013). Comorbidity of Psychiatric and Personality Disorders in First Suicide Attempters. Indian Journal of Psychological Medicine. Jan - Mar 2013 Vol 35, Issue 1.
5. K. NAGARAJA RAO, C. Y. SUDARSHAN. SHAMSHAD BEGUM, (2012). Existential issues in couple therapy. Indian Journal of Private Psychiatrist. Supplement book, edited byDr T.S.S Rao & Dr G Prasad Rao.
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